Bluenette Sisters &

the Seamen Orchestra.

A Comical Music Theater Show - for Street or Indoor stage. Performed from 2011 - 2017 throughout Europe and North America - Developed with the support of Christiania & Copenhagen City Councils.

An open-air fairground experience and kamikaze slapstick soap-operette comedy in a 6 meter high veteran stage truck. Performed from 2012 - 2014 in Europe. Developed with the support of the Danish States Art Council, Copenhagen City's Stage Art Council, Christiania Culture political Fond, 'De Jydske Heltes: Lucky Peoples Development Center', Danish Artist Forbund and Mama.

Capra Grassa

An analog & transportable Puppet Theater Vending Machine. Almost like TV! Performed & toured through Europe between 2009 and 2013. Supported by the Copenhagen City Council and Christiania.

The Puppet Vending Machine

A fine Brunette Bros. selection of old treasures from 2008 - 2012 featuring: Sideshow, Random show, Smoked Cabaret in Coconut Sauce, Bananaboys, The Albino Bros. Vicky & Coco, SkraldesBand & Circus Spectaculum.

Random shows & Cabaret numbers

Brunette Bros. – Better than TV!

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