The Greatest

& 2nd Smallest

Circus in the World

Through 5 years, the Brunette Bros. toured with their eccentric & comical puppet theatre show, in their veteran theatre trucks. 


Even in its rather short life span “The greatest and 2nd Smallest Circus in the World” received acknowledgement for its special aesthetics, authenticity and for its utopia, as they promenaded up and down Europe at 60 km/h with 11 tons of scenography and a living dream of the life in the circus. 

The company created a contemporary circus without circus, with a reformulation of the classical clown combined with playful puppetry with toys and objects all englobed by real live music.

The 4 Brunette Bros. Bozos won the Award for 'Best Interpretation' at the International Puppet-theater Festival in Lleida, Catalunya in 2017.

The project was funded by the Catalan Institut for Cultural Enterprises, the Danish States Art Foundation, Ramon Llull, by several European Communes , associations and sponsors.

Bluenette Sisters &

the Seamen Orchestra.

A Comical Music Theater Show - for Street or Indoor stage. Performed from 2011 - 2017 throughout Europe and North America - Developed with the support of Christiania & Copenhagen City Councils.

An open-air fairground experience and kamikaze slapstick soap-operette comedy in a 6 meter high veteran stage truck. Performed from 2012 - 2014 in Europe. Developed with the support of the Danish States Art Council, Copenhagen City's Stage Art Council, Christiania Culture political Fond, 'De Jydske Heltes: Lucky Peoples Development Center', Danish Artist Forbund and Mama.

Capra Grassa

An analog & transportable Puppet Theater Vending Machine. Almost like TV! Performed & toured through Europe between 2009 and 2013. Supported by the Copenhagen City Council and Christiania.

The Puppet Vending Machine

A fine Brunette Bros. selection of old treasures from 2008 - 2012 featuring: Sideshow, Random show, Smoked Cabaret in Coconut Sauce, Bananaboys, The Albino Bros. Vicky & Coco, SkraldesBand & Circus Spectaculum.

Random shows & Cabaret numbers