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Mama Calypso has written a hilarious autobiographic song book about her clumsy love stories. You will find recipies on how to poison another mans wife and loads of lost love declarations. Yet in all the romantic despair there is hope because the humoristic red threat flips the coin and Mama Calypso has plenty of love to not get lost in the blues due to another fine gentleman. 

After more that a year of incubation, Mama Calypso and George the King of the Calypso, are pleased to present their new born music tropical Project and album “Coconut” with the air of the Maresme coast; with the participation of a dozen grand European musician like: Luca Tapino, Xabi Elisagaray, Keka del Gatto, Emma Gawlinski, Mati, Mads Bendsen, Ruth Anna Britz, Lisa Skjøth Madsen, Paul, Pol Jubany, Quico Hernandez and of course George Arnold & Maria Solà. Succeeding in the recording of this great album filled with exotic hits, the heatwave will be rising, and it won't be for the climate change; cause the musical universe is hot and hilarious, catchy and juicy, and bound to knock up a party and shake some bones with its Caribbean rhythm.