We are delighted yet ambivalent to announce that:


After 17 years of working together, The Brunette Bros. are splitting up.

We are harvesting all the knowledge and experience lived together and in a creative surplus, we take each our path towards new horizons and artistic volcanos awaiting us. 

The freakin’ pandemic hasn’t exactly made it easy for theatre companies to live, blossom, survive. 2020 was supposed to bring the Brunette Bros. on a beautiful tour with our "Greatest & 2nd Smallest Circus in the World" with renovated trucks, new scenographies and costumes and even a new clown.

The fragility of our traveling project, no matter how strong we felt in our utopia, did not hold the pressure of 2020 and died. We haven’t been able to pick up the pieces and gather our powers to go forward and therefore we find it more sane and life-giving to continue on each our path. This doesn’t mean we will stop. We can’t! We will keep going strong!

For the coming period in our transit moment you can still find us on our old website. In here you can follow, enjoy and hire the artists of the formerly known as Brunette Bros. See more in the menu bar above..

We are still keeping the shop open and in here you can get your old and new Brunette Bros. items. Find shop in menu bar.